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ADA Compliant Sinks

Make your daily routines easy, safe, and convenient with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant sinks from Premier Care in Bathing™.

ADA Sinks

Classic sculpted design complements any bath décor

  • Sink height can be customized to accommodate your specific needs including walkers and wheelchairs (wall mount only)
  • Extra-large bowl makes daily hygiene easy and safe and helps keep water off the floor
  • The ADA-approved easy-grasp faucets handles offer ease-of-use and excellent temperature and water flow control
  • A choice of wall mount or ADA pedestal base designs
  • Plumbing that is tucked within the pedestal or base eliminates the risk of knee or leg injuries
  • Available in white and cream
  • Premier Care ADA Sinks accommodate all body types and disabilities

No-show plumbing allows more room for knees during your daily hygiene routine

Sink shown in pedestal option

Contemporary design meets convenience with ease of use features

Wall-mounted sink option is perfect for those in a wheelchair, with handles within a comfortable reach.