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Getting in and out of a bathtub is an activity many people take for granted.

For persons with temporary or permanent mobility impairments, a tub transfer bench may be the only bathing option, especially if sitting in a tub is impossible. At Premier Care, we specialize in contemporary and reliable powered bathtubs with built-in lifts that allow people with disabilities to enjoy the freedom and independence of being able to bathe without relying on others for assistance ensuring privacy during routine personal care.

The Empower Walk-in Tub uses a lift chair to help you move safely into the water once the tub is filled. All the individual needs to do is to be able to sit naturally on the slip-resistant seat. That makes Empower an excellent solution for anyone who cannot safely immerse themselves into a tub.

A second option in Powered Baths is the Momentum Handicap Bathtub. In addition to a seat that moves up and down to immerse you in water, the Momentum's Lift Chair swivels at the press of a button. This feature makes it easy to get in and out of the bathtub without the worry of having an accident.

To learn more about Premier Care Powered Baths and bathtub lifts, including models with a tub transfer bench, or to book an In-Home Assessment, get in touch with our professional team to hear about how our products make bathing simpler, safer, and more luxurious!