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Empower Walk-In Bathtub

The Empower Walk-In Tub offers the most comfortable and convenient way to safely experience full-length bathing on your own.

Empower Walk-In Bathtub

The Empower Tub can be used as a shower or tub and comes complete with an adjustable showerhead and bathtub seat that can easily be moved to the ideal height for each bather.

If you are looking for the perfect Walk-In Tubs, look no further! The Empower Walk-In Tub allows you to step into the tub and sit on a strong, slip-resistant seat. Once the tub fills with water, gently lower the power bathtub lift with the press of a button, lean back and enjoy a safe and comfortable bath. Once you finish and drain the water, the power seat lifts you up so you can stand safely and easily. This is one of our most versatile tubs and instills a sense of self-confidence when bathing alone.

The innovative Empower Walk-In Powered Bath offers the most comfortable and convenient way to safely experience power assisted, full-length bathing.

As the tub fills with water, gently lower the power seat with the simple press of a button

The removable slip-resistant seat allows for easy cleaning and maintenance

2 Sizes to choose from:
59"L x 27.5"W
67"L x 27.5"W

Will the Empower fit in your bathroom?

Our experienced designers will assist you in determining whether the Empower will suit your needs and your home, while our professional installers will make any necessary adjustments to your bathroom to ensure a perfect fit.

The Empower was formerly known as the Cambridge Walk-In Bath

  • Extra wide, low-level entry
  • Corner or back-to-wall option
  • Left or right-hand door opening
  • Contoured, slip-resistant seat and backrest
  • Specialized shower chair for the elderly or disabled
  • Different widths for different needs
  • Temperature-controlled hot water
  • Leak-free door seal guaranteed for life
  • Signature Hydrovescent® Therapy option to ease aches and pains

The optional Hydrovescent® Therapy system creates an oasis of relaxation and pain relief. Hydrotherapy is one of the most popular forms of natural pain relief and relaxation. Whether you want to reduce pain like Mr. Sipes who had a nerve release done on his leg and can feel less pain when he uses the hydrotherapy, or you simply want relaxation like Mr. Schlenz who said "it's a body soothing every time I use it", Premier's Hydrovescent® Therapy is sure to become one of your favorite things.