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Empower Yourself to be Independent

The Empower Walk-In Tub offers a comfortable and convenient way to bathe safely and comfortably on your own.

Empower Walk-In Bathtub

Equipped with a powered, slip-resistant seat and a handheld showerhead for added convenience and flexibility, the Empower Powered Tub is a truly all-in-one solution for all of your accessible bathing needs.

A low-level entry allows for easy access into the tub for persons with limited mobility, while a raised shower seat lets you comfortably sit down with minimal effort. Once you‘re settled in and the tub has filled with water, the simple push of a button will gently lower you down into the bath for a deep, relaxing soak. At the end of your bath, the slip-resistant power seat lifts you up and out of the water, so you can stand back up safely and easily.

Low-level entry allows for easy access into your Powered Tub and a raised, slip-resistant bathtub seat lets you sit at a comfortable height, without the need to bend down to be seated on your own.

As your Empower Powered Bathtub fills with warm water, you can gently lower the Simple-Lift® powered seat to your ideal depth with the press of a button.

Removable slip-resistant seat allows for easy cleaning and maintenance of your Powered Bath‘s bench-lift.

With two bathtub sizes to choose from, the Empower Powered Bath is sure to not only make at-home bathing infinitely more accessible, but also fit seamlessly within your available space.

Independence at the Push of a Button

Discover how changing your bathroom can transform your life. The Empower Walk-In Tub‘s power assisted bathing lets you enjoy the therapeutic health benefits of a relaxing soak in a warm bath safely and independently.

The Empower was formerly known as the Cambridge Walk-In Bath

  • Extra-wide
  • Option for corner or back-to-wall professional installation to ensure the best use of your bathroom space
  • Left or right-hand door opening
  • Contoured
  • Adjustable showerhead with wall-mounted riser rail for flexibility while enjoying a safe bath or shower
  • Specialized
  • Temperature-controlled hot water protects sensitive skin from burns
  • Leak-free door seal guaranteed for life

Find Your Accessible Bathing Solution

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