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Discover Your Accessible Oasis

Experience the utmost comfort and safety in a bath almost half the size of a traditional bathtub.

Oasis Walk-In Tub

The Oasis‘ side-opening door provides the perfect alternative to traditional bathtubs when working in a small bathroom space. This compact, deep soaking bath features a contoured, slip-resistant seat that allows you to sit down and bathe in a comfortable, safe, upright position while being completely supported.

The optional shower canopy transforms this deep soaking tub into a more traditional, yet safer, bath and shower combination. Complete with an adjustable showerhead with wall-mounted riser rails that can easily be moved to the ideal height for each bather, as well as a custom fit shower canopy and eco-friendly shower curtain, the Oasis is the ideal, total solution for your safe bathing needs.

Double-cam lock door and leak-free door seal come with a lifetime guarantee to ensure and uphold quality and excellent workmanship in every detail of the Oasis.

Contoured, slip-resistant bench seat with backrest supports you in a comfortable, upright seated position while you enjoy a perfectly warm, relaxing bath absolutely worry-free.

Optional shower canopy transforms this deep soaking tub into a bath and shower combination that makes the best use out of even the smallest of spaces.

At 37.25"L x 26"W, the Oasis Walk-In Tub is almost half the size of a traditional tub, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a safe, comfortable and space-conscious bathing solution.

The Perfect Size for Relaxation

Relax in water levels twice as deep as traditional tubs, in a fraction of the floor space! The Oasis Compact Walk-In Tub has all of the features of full-size accessible bathtubs, including an easy-access entry, ADA-compliant grab bars and slip-resistant tub bench, in a size that is sure to fit perfectly even in small or half baths.

  • Low-level side entry allows easy access for those with limited mobility
  • Corner or back-to-wall installation options
  • Left or right-hand door opening lets you customize how you enter and exit your bath based on your preferences and mobility needs
  • Contoured
  • Anti-scald water controls protect sensitive or mature skin from burns
  • Hydrovescent® Therapy option massages away aches and pains with gently soft-air jets

Build an Oasis in Your Home‘s Bathroom

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