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Step into a Haven of Relaxation

Combining the accommodating features of an accessible bath with the flexibility of a handheld showerhead, the Haven Walk-In Tub provides a one-stop solution for all of your bathing needs.

Haven Walk-In Tub

Ideal for seniors or persons with mobility limitations, the Haven‘s wide, low entry makes getting in and out of the bath an easy process. This improved accessibility can make independent bathing a reality, as well as reduce excessive straining and lifting from caregivers.

Apart from a life-changing safety and mobility-focused design, the Haven Walk-In Tub can also be outfitted to create your own at-home spa experiences. Your Bathing Consultant can help custom-design your Haven Walk-In Tub with the Premier Care Spa Series, which includes five unique therapy options, as well as our exclusive Hydrovescent® Therapy system to soothe aches while reducing stress and working to lower blood pressure.

Extra wide door and large bathing area help create an at-home escape unlike any other while giving you the accessible safety features you need to enjoy an independent bath.

Built-in aromatherapy diffuser option perfumes the air around your bath with the scents of your choice of soothing or invigorating natural oils providing both physical and psychological benefits.

Flexible shower wand is equipped with an adjustable showerhead and wall-mounted riser rail that can be easily moved to the ideal height for each bather.

At 49.5" L x 30" W, the Haven Walk-In Tub is the perfect size for deep relaxation and superior comfort that enhances your independence with easy access to all features and fixtures.

The Perfect Fit for Accessible Bathing

Enjoy the best features of a Walk-In Tub with the convenience of a handheld showerhead with the Haven. Secure, comfortable and built to fit your unique needs, the Haven Walk-In Tub can instantly transform your bathroom into an accessible space within your home you can feel comfortable and secure.

The Haven Walk-In Tub was formerly known as the Boston Walk-In Bathtub

  • Extra wide
  • Option for corner or back-to-wall custom installation to maximize use of your bathroom space
  • Left or right-hand door opening ensures maximum maneuverability around your tub
  • Contoured
  • Varied widths to address different needs
  • Temperature-controlled hot water prevents scalding or burning
  • Leak-free door seal guaranteed for life
  • Hydrovescent® Therapy option to gently massage away aches and pains

Bring Your Haven Home

Contact Premier Care in Bathing™ today to schedule a free, no obligation in-home consultation with a qualified Bathing Consultant. As an experienced professional, your consultant can help you create a perfect space for your Haven Walk-In Bath and go over any other available options to accommodate your needs.

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